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Start it here I guess.

My name is Gary. I have currently a Nano cube 24 Gallon, and a eclipse five gallon. The Nano has been cycling for five weeks and all the readings are zero. I did jump the gun on my cleanup crew and some corals. Lost two bubble corals and a few guys on my cleanup crew.

(a little note here.)

{I should have listened and not rushed in and put anything into the tank till it was done cycling. I know it happens but I should know better.}

Any way all the readings are now at 0 across the board. my Cal was near 350 last time I checked and most of the coral that I left in the tank is doing great.

The specs on the cube are:
40 lbs live rock
20 lbs live(?) sand [it is about 1 inch deep.
kept the stock sponges and filters in the back
added a little powerhead last night

10 blue leg hermit crabs
15 snales
two zoe frags
one brain
a star polop (?)

Also I have been using Ro water from Walmart.

Nothing in the five gallon just some rock cycling. I have had it for just about a week. Was gona use it to try and save the cleanup crew and the corals. But my tank leveled out and I was finally able to get it to cool down.

Gota get to work. Edit more with pictures soon.

Oh and I like this guy for some reason.:worm:
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