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Let there be light!

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The lights have been installed and the new canopy is in place. Still need to install the "night light," but the tank had been with only actinics for 2 days....
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Here's another shot from a little further back....
With the front door open....
WooooHooooo! Looking good. Need some sunglasses.
:cool: :cool:

Sunglasses time....

Here a shot with the lid up.....

:cool: :cool: :cool:
WOW...somebody find my sunglasses!! :eek:

please pass on big huge fatman kudos to your dad on excellant craftsmanship!

fwiw: if you want to get rid of the light shining through the door seam, you can line the backside of the door, where it goes over/into the seam with weatherstripping from hd
Thanks for the tip, Jay....I was wondering how to get rid of the "leakage"...

I will definitely pass on your compliments....

Stella looks great that sure does light that baby up:)
What size tank is that and what lighting do you have on it???

It looks great!!
I like the leakage, it makes me think: "Cue the angel music!!!"
The tank is a 40 is 2 x 175W 10000K MH and 2 x 55 W 10000K PC. I will be switching out the 10000K PC bulbs for the Hellolights Actinic 03s......

Looks like you have alot of sunshine in there!! Nice!:)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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