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Hi everyone.

I have had my new tank up for about 4-5 months. I have 3 26 hydra led lights for my 525 xl red sea reefer.

I was wondering what your suggestion would be for lighting settings. I am slowly moving the settings up each month. I do add new corals from time to time and i didnt want to shock the current and new corals.

Heres what i have for the current settings:

UV 34%
Violet 34%
Royal 40%
Blue 34%
Green 3%
Red 3%
White 8%

I would like to eventually get the blues, violets up to 100% but dont want to rush it. My corals are seeing some growth but nothing crazy as my tank is still pretty new.

Thanks for the help!

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Not sure if you have the HD models or not but I run the WWC set up, or the closest the AI hydras can mimic the color spectrum of the radion leds,

118% UV
101% Violet
82% Royal
65% Blue
6% green
5% deep red
19% cool white

Those number are off of brs investigates video and is as close to the spectrum as they could get them. I’ve only ran it for the last few months and did set a acclamation period of a month to allow my coral time to adjust m

Hope it helps

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Haven’t seen either of them in quite a while.
You probably won’t think that this is really an answer, but.
Light settings depend on the type of corals you are trying to keep, the depth of the tank and the depth of the coral. The best way to do it is with a par meter. For the light intensity.
As for the spectrum running the blues and violet at max and adjusting the others to get the light color that is pleasing to you.
Start the intensity low and ramp up slowly so you don’t burn the corals or use an acclimation feature if you have it.
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