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laying flame angel!!!!!

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i came home from work tongiht and checked out the tank, all was fine. 10 seconds later i look again and my flame angel is laying on the bottom of the tank. i used a net to wake him up and he swam off - when he swims he kind of chugs along does anybody know whats wrong this is one of the fish i got from liveaquaria a few days ago also my yellow tang seems to like slap the angel with its tail

please help
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Hes probably going down and the tang knows it sorry :(
It sound like your flame is not doing well, your tang is just being territorial. If you look close at his fin you will see white spikes. You might try to rearrange your rock or your coral so it confuses the rest of the tank, it might stop all the picking on your flame.

Now if you bought your flame and he's not healthy, than I would notify who you bought it from so they know he is having problems from the start. If he does die then they might replace.

But before I would replace I would do a full testing on your water to make sure it is in spec

liveaquaria has a 10-day live guarantee... I'd either call or e-mail them and tell them of the circumstances... they'll probably give you credit on your next shipment.
I'm expecting a shipment from them tomorrow, and hopefully all goes well.
Sorry to hear about your loss.
Sounds like your yellow tang did in the flame angel!:(
Flame angels have a very spotty record of survival. A good number of them are caught with Cyanide. This is a fish I reccommend you buy locally; so you can see it is healthy. Even that does not mean you will get one that last a long time. They need a well established tank.

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