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Largest L.A. Wholesaler is Hiring.....

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Not sure where to post this. If it shouldnt be posted here... sorry.

Looking for a few good marine hobbyists!!
Sea Dwelling Creatures, Inc. is one of the leading marine wholesalers in the country providing the largest variety of saltwater products.

SDC needs customer service representatives to assist the "out-of-state" customers with their orders as well as in the incomming/husbandry department.

This truly is a great career that I wouldn't trade for anything! I do consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to work with these wonderful people. I keep wondering at what point this becomes work and not play. Every day is a learning experience and I have seen so many unusual corals and animals as well as 'usual' and beautiful. The people are great to work with here and we have alot of fun while doing it.

If you agree or think it all sounds too good to be true, then call us to discuss how you can change your lifestyle and start a rewarding career at SDC selling live animals to great people all over the country. The pay is great and you can have a great quality of life here.

Call Eric or Carl at 310 676-9697 to meet us and share this great daily experience.

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Well hello again, I hope everything is going well with you

Hey Ad! good to hear from you !:wavey: :banana: :banana: :banana:
Adrienne, good to hear from you... :) :) :) I was afraid you had fallen overbaord or something. Haven't seen you or JD online recently... Miss talking to both of you.
Hi guys. Just busy workin. Love my job. Terribly immersed. Its a fine line between work and play and I managed to find a job to make that line even thinner.
Guess thats how a 'dream job' is eh?
We now have a couple of husbandry and incomming positions available as well.
Most of these positions are part time and for night work.
See the same contact information above.
Hey Adrienne does it pay $16.51 an hour? Or do you work on a commission? I would starve on that set-up! :funny:
Pay = experience.
The smarter you are, the more useful you are.
The more you know, the more you get.

The positions open could lead to full time positions. They are definitely good positions for college students that go to school during the day.

(the sales position was commission)
the incomming and husbandry positions are paid hourly.
SDC is still looking for a few good people that know fish and corals to work with the incoming department. You can be the FIRST to see the fish, corals and rock stateside! Be the envy of fellow hobbyists everywhere!
You do not have to know EVERY fish and coral. You will learn over time what you don't know (believe me).
If you are in the LA area and interested in a part time or full time position, give us a call at the numbers listed at the top of this thread!
Well shoot, A; I moved in the wrong direction! ;)
Yeah I know. This would be the perfect job for you too. :(
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