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I want to do a 20g "Lagoon" type tank at work... Specs:

20g Long 30"L x 12"W x 12"H

70W 20,000K MH maybe a CoralLife or a JBJ Viper fixture

AquaFuge HOB Refugium w/Protein Skimmer

-Mandarin Fish or maybe a Psychedelic Mandarin Fish
-maybe my RBTA b/c it doesn't like the 150W MH in my 34g
-pair of clownfish to be determined
-some zoos
-calupera macro algae (its easily pruned and its the look I'm going for)
-maybe some Ricordea (when I run out of room in the 34g)
-cleaner shrimp

thats about it... I want it to have a lot of sand and only a little bit of rock... maybe only a medium sized chunk in the middle or maybe I will just epoxy some to the back wall...

this is just a rough idea... any suggestions?

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well id say pass on the madrine because you need alot of pods to keep it alive and i dont think a small tank can produce enough
maybe you could add some seahorses later on or some pipe fish
and i stock it with more corals like some lps or maybe a monti cap
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