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Labor Day is rolling this way fast since this is September 1st, and it's this weekend. Here at the South Jersey Shore that means:
a/ Shoebee ("Tourists") season is coming to an end, and we get our communities back. Weather is still summery for a while yet, and no hords of invading tourists to clog our high ways and water ways.....nice time to enjoy some summer.

b/ Traditionally means summer is at an end.....fall beckons just around the corner. One last hoora before we have to drag out the sleds n Christmas decorations.

With our country/world once again on the cusp of 'what's next for COVID closings/openings/masks-no-masks/more shots/less shots/ distancing/no distancing/yada yada yada', .......
Put on top of THAT, we have Ida passing through a huge piece of our country....some in the wake, some yet in the path, with me being in the path group, adding to the stuff on our minds.

Thought I'd see how the masses are preparing for this weekend?
Price of fuel will, I'm sure going up any time there's a Hurricane coming through the Gulf States. Will there be traveling going on? Back yard gatherings? Celebrations? Or just another day?

I'll be leaning towards the rarity of actually...MAYBE, having a 3-DAY weekend....I usually always work 6 day weeks.
Weather permitting, I'm thinking one of typical summer shindigs.....BBQ's, pool parties, music making with new members jumping in with us, and enjoying the waning opportunities for long summer evenings before darkness begins creeping in earlier n earlier all the time. Got a couple freezers full of ribs n supplies, so hopes are out there for this to happen.

Hope SAFE, and enjoyable days lie ahead for Y'All,

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Sounds like a solid plan you have Hack. Tried and true.

I will be tinkering with my new salt water toys and beginning the process of breathing some life back into the garbage can full of rock. I think a good old fashioned scrub and clean on the bike is also in order followed by a quick ride to the local cruise night on Sunday.

My wife will be canning about three bushels of peaches to put away for winter. They are one of my favorite evening snacks. If I am a REAL good boy she may also do a batch of corn relish in a couple weeks.

Not sure which of the kids will show up but I am certain some will if there is food, music, and beer鈥nd there will be. With the new gazebo it is a rain or shine event. I think I actually like it out there better in the rain, it is much quieter with everyone around us inside and I always did like a good storm.

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Not sure what the weekend has in store, mostly work I suppose. The grands are going up to Washington to see my son for holiday since his burfday was the 29th. With gas prices around $4 a gallon I don't see a long drive in my weekend

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You've got us beat by a buck Pal.....
With gas prices around $4 a gallon I don't see a long drive in my weekend
THAT would sure deter my travel plans as well.

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A husband and a wife enter a dentist鈥檚 office.

The wife says, 鈥淚 want a tooth pulled. I don鈥檛 want gas or Novocain because I鈥檓 in a terrible hurry. Just pull the tooth as quickly as possible.鈥

鈥淵ou鈥檙e a brave woman,鈥 says the dentist, 鈥淣ow, show me which tooth it is.鈥

The wife turns to her husband and says, 鈥淥pen your mouth and show the dentist which tooth it is, dear.鈥

Shark..but a friendly one
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And now for a reality check.....

I actually do have a 3-DAY holiday weekend. IF NOTHING ELSE, that means 3 days of not having to go to bed just because the clock says I have to......and not having to get up because the clock says I have to. Everything else this weekend, this LONG WEEKEND is just gravy! (y)

It's 53 at the moment, heading to 79 degrees under sun shinny skies. There's a wee bit of yard work that requires my attention, including grass cutting, that's been put off for 2 weeks due to weather....and it surely looks it. So at some point I'm willing to bet sweat will show up, allowing me to ignore the fact we've had some 50 degree'ish nights here lately, and jump in the pool......betcha again, it won't feel like 'bath tub' water like it did last weekend.

Will be opening the music room up, and giving some guitars a good tune, and hoping we'll see a little action out there this weekend. I haven't seen a glass of Scotch bouncing on the amps as I get 'lost in a groove' on my kit with my Friends trying to make it sound like we're all actually playing the same the same the same genre....for a while now. THAT'S the beauty of 'making music with your Friends', ("Borrowed from Waylon, Willy, and the Boys."), you only hbave to have FUN to be successful.....NOT GOOD!馃榿馃

Not actually 'expecting any company, but that can be said probably about 80% of our most memorable shindigs.
Jen did say she'd 'love to sit by the bonfire' tonight.....THAT TO ME sounds like a, 'Well Toots, let me set my glass down here by the warm crackl'n fire, so I can play something just to show you my undieing love for You.......and refresh your memory of just how goofy your husband is'. See, we know eachother so well we can interpret what the other is thinking.馃榿

Yeah, we're gonna have fun......WHAT? Not a clue, but FUN will be a safe bet.
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