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KNOP HD reactor

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Someone donated a KNOP HD reactor to the lab. I only got to glance at it, but I didn't notice an obvious needle valve or any effluent control. Do these reactors have the needle valve built into the reactor top? I'll get a better look tomorrow, but I can't see how the last owners were controlling effluent.

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No worries Tom, it was a complete kit. CO2 bottle, regulator, electric solenoid, the works.

However, after hooking it up to one of the coral displays in the lab's public aquarium and letting it run most of the day, I checked the pH of another tank very close to the tank running the reactor and the pH read 7.8. Very confused, I checked the pH of the tank running the reactor and it too was 7.8. So was another tank close by. I could see some investigation was necessary. after checking every seal on the regulator, reactor, solenoid, etc. I discovered that the check valve threads on the bubble counter had NOT been tefloned properly and had been unsealed during the move. So, I had been leaking C02 right over the sumps of three tanks most of the day. You can just imagine my colorful monologue. So a little aeration and some fresh teflon was all it took to set things right, but what an unnecessary surprise.
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