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Hello all,

I have a 75g reef that has been up and running in an eating area in our kitchen for 3 yrs. It's doing well, but here's the problem...we are doing a total remodel of our kitchen.

So, in the next 3 months, I need to break down the tank and move it temporarily. Also, once the Kitchen is done, I'm not sure if I want the tank back there or not. If so, I would need to get a better, furniture quality stand and canopy that would fit in, and prob move up to a 120.

some questions:

1) any tips for temp moving the tank? rubbermaid tanks, sandbed advice?

2) For the new tank setup, I dont want to have the sump, skimmer, etc in the cabinet.....I was hoping to plumb the sump and guts of the tank into the basement through a small hole in the floor near the baseboard. That will make it easy to do work, add stuff like a chiller, etc and not hurt the new floor.....but has anyone ever done this......The pump would be huge, since it would be pumping against quite a head,....

any advice.....ideas...experience?


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