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Hello all,

I have a 75g reef that has been up and running in an eating area in our kitchen for 3 yrs. It's doing well, but here's the problem...we are doing a total remodel of our kitchen.

So, in the next 3 months, I need to break down the tank and move it temporarily. Also, once the Kitchen is done, I'm not sure if I want the tank back there or not. If so, I would need to get a better, furniture quality stand and canopy that would fit in, and prob move up to a 120.

some questions:

1) any tips for temp moving the tank? rubbermaid tanks, sandbed advice?

2) For the new tank setup, I dont want to have the sump, skimmer, etc in the cabinet.....I was hoping to plumb the sump and guts of the tank into the basement through a small hole in the floor near the baseboard. That will make it easy to do work, add stuff like a chiller, etc and not hurt the new floor.....but has anyone ever done this......The pump would be huge, since it would be pumping against quite a head,....

any advice.....ideas...experience?



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I'd say to scoop off the top 1 inch of the sand bed and trash the rest...

When you set up the new tank, use a light dusting of crushed coral on the bottom, just to stop the reflection from spooking the fish, and use the sand in a refugium...

What my plans are is to set up 2 refuges... set the first one up with a DSB and about a year later, set up the second one.... That way when the Anoxic layers take over the top layers, the DSB's can be changed out with minimal hassle....

I'd suggest to only move the tank once.... moving it twice within a few months could be absolutely disasterous... Move the whole tank to a new location, when you get the new setup... start it off and slowly bring the inhabs over little by little to reduce the potential collateral damage....
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