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Hey all! I have been out of saltwater for almost 4 years, decided to get back into it finally. We are starting with a 55 gallon acryllic tank. For lights we have a 400watt 20k metal halide bulb. we have around 80 lbs of live rock(or wil be live when done) 60 lbs of sand. We have 2 790gph powerheads one on each end, and a third breaking the surface up. I am hoping with the light we can grow pretty much whatever we want. For mechanical filtration im working on getting a marine land 350 canister going. gotta get some hose for it and its going to attach to a bio whell. One question i have is, has anyone used a hang on refugium before? I have been looking at them, as i want the benefits chaeto brings as there are lots. im not sure i can fit a 10gallon tank under my stand because there is a wall in the middle or we would go that route.
Anyway im sure ill have questions and i hope you guys have answers lol.

here is a pic of the tank. it is a week old last tuesday


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