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Kents Marine Additives & Supplements Are They Good

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1. 1000-gram Marine Aquarium ph-Buffer
2. 150-gram Turbo Strontium
3. 100-gram Kalkwasser Mix
4. 16oz Bottle of Tectra*I Iodine Supplement Tectra*I
5. 16oz Bottle of Micro Vert Invertebrate Food for Fine Filter Feeders

Can anyone tell me if they are good to have and the price of each one??

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PH buffer is probably unessesary particularly if also dosing Kalk.....

Typically shouldn't really need to dose Strontium.

Invert food is also probably a waste of money.
Kent, anything Kent is good. I use all Kent chemical/addative products.

no worries here on Kent products,,,
ditto on the other posts on the buffer ,,,and the strondium(for now)prob not needed for you,,,,,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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