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Kent Calcium

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I bought a 64 oz bottle of Kent calcium that I don't think I will ever be able to use all of. Is there anyone here that wants what is left of the bottle after I fill my 8 oz bottle up? All you have to do is come pick it up, I live in Dallas and work in Kennesaw.


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400 in airfare from NYC to Dallas. I'm there! ;)

Sorry long day I'm feelin goofy.
It's your dime, come and get it :dance:
Welcome to the TRT!!!

i moved this into the classifieds section. there are a lot of Atlanta area people on the board.

Thanks and sorry about posting to the wrong area.
no biggie at all. if i was coming down to Atlanta anytime soon i would have been all over your Ca. i am really surprised nobody has snatched up already.

If your really interested and pay for my expense in mailing it to you I will send it to you.
did you get my PM last week?

No I didn't, if you want to look me up off line you can, my email is [email protected] or I am on the Instant Messengers now:

AIM JohnJPCrunk
Y! john_crunk
MSN [email protected]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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