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Keeping it clean-A life saving message

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This may be the wrong forum to post in, I just had something to say, and thought I might start a blog too.

A clean Tank is a Happy Tank, and fortunately for the marine reef hobbyist, there are only 2 possible contaminants that may be present in a saltwater aquarium; Organic and inorganic.

One pollutant we cannot do anything about is fish poop. Most of this is removed by protein skimmers and biological filtration. There are however, some contaminants that are introduced into or tanks that are not due to the system itself. Some examples would be oils from our skin, smoke and ashes, and other various organic and inorganic contaminants are introduced that are not natural to or part of the aquarium system. Most of the inorganic stuff like dust and small particles from our living spaces can get in our tanks. Most of this is removed again by the protein skimmer and filter socks in the sump.

Organic contaminants, both natural and unnatural, can be removed with the aid of an activated carbon filter method. Organic contamination can be observed by the slow but progressive discoloration of out aquarium water. Activated carbon will remove this discoloration and contaminants, which sometimes builds up so slowly we don't notice it, but after running a carbon filter it becomes obvious that the tank is cleaner, clearer and brighter.

Cigarette smoke can get into our tanks as well, and along these lines I would like to suggest that we all quit smoking them. Here is an awesome idea, with an incredible outcome (for me anyway). Try to switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, which have no tar, no carcinogens, no second hand smoke or smoke at all for that matter. It sounds crazy, but it worked for me. I quit smoking without even trying. I suppose I knew deep down i should quit, after 35 years of smoking it seemed like it would be just too hard to quit. I was at the mall and there was a kiosk set up with a demo of these electronic cigs. I tried it and it was OK. The next week I picked up one for myself. I have not bought any tobacco cigarettes since then…I swear to God. I had quit smoking cigarettes without even trying. My wife, my cats, my fish, my plants, house and self are so happy and amazed. I encourage anyone who smokes to try these. Please, what have you got to lose? I am grateful they were out there. They do deliver nicotine in a water vapor, so there is no smoke or other chemicals. I can't say enough good things about them and again, encourage others to try this.
Here is a link to one such product: Information
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