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Really it is my 29g re-build as over the years mist from my sump was slowly spraying on the press board stand. So i tore it down and am going with a new tank and stand i found on craigslist.

All equiptment transfered from old tank, and may be a little old school. But all is in great working condition.

29g all-glass aquarium, aqueon stand, 2x55w pc lighting, jagger 100w heater, 10g diy sump, Eheim return pump, aquac protein skimmer, phosban reactor 150, cpr overflow, seio 600 powerhead, aquafuge refugium w/13w jalli pc light,

New tank up and starting to fill with ro/di water.


Just added IO reef crystals to 1.025 on the refractometer. It looks a little cloudy.

25#'s LR waiting for it's new home.

Clowns in there temporary home.

Any input apreciated.
More to come.
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