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Havn't posted or even visited in a while, nor have I attended my tank as I should in some time. I wanted to share a bit of information as testament to the value of simply giving a tank time to cycle, and not overloading. I have a 29 gallon which I started over 2 years ago. It has about a 4 inch dsb, 25 or so lbs of live rock, some with coraline, 3 yellow tail damsels and a dozen assorted snails, hermits, and shrimp.

For the first year and change, I treated it well. After that, it saw neglect due to unemployement, a return to school, and a wife with medical problems. It isn't heavily stocked, and I have checked the water periodically, but other than that and feeding I have done literally NOTHING to this tank for upwards of 8 months now. Water tests as follows after 8 months of NOTHING:

ph 8.3
amonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate <1
dont remember the reading, but alk was perfect too.
The fish are happy (seemingly) there is little algae, but I think that is due to a reduced photoperiod.

The tank doesn't LOOK great, but it's not horrible, and the water is pristine.

So when they say "stock light" and "let it cycle for a while" they really mean it. with hardly even a water change, I could probably add some LR and start stocking coral right off the bat.
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