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Late evening all,

Cute pup Hack, get ready for all the “where is her saddle” comments… I’ve found that GD owners/humans tend to get irked with all those kinda comments,..

Hang tough Perry, conduit running is a game for those that do it day in /day out.
Me, I’d prob have trouble doing anything more involved than a 90 degree bend or a offset coming into a box/termination,,, just never really had to deal with conduit, tho wall or otherwise. Was not really part of the “get it fixed right away” brunt of what my gig entailed those 36 yrs.

Was a fairly busy/productive day today,, even with a “dawgs woke me up @4:30 am, let em out, crated em up and went back to bed until 8:30😳am” late start to the day thing.
Ran what is probably the last of running Blyth’s clothes to the county resale shop, with hopefully as much of it possible given to those in need .
Oil change on the CR-V, then when I heard thunder a rumbling’ off in the distance, I felt it was time to drop some fertilizer on the fenced in back yard. Zipped thru that and while I was putting stuff away in the pole barn, felt a lil rain on my face ,,, and about the time I made it to the back door, it turned into a legit light rain,,,, I like it when perfect timing happens, heheh.
Moved some stuff destined for a future auction , for easy peasy loading when the time comes,..
A few more things I tended to today,, but too late for my brain to rerun the efforts,,,,

Have a mental to-do list worked up for the morning,, time will tell how close the actual end results match the wanna do list.

Hope everyone had a great day !
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