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Atlanta Reef Club 10 June 2003
Meeting held at Laurel Marble & Tile, Kennesaw GA
Host: Doug McIntyre [aquaticco]

Club Vice President Charles Kuehne acknowledged the new members. About twenty people attended, several from South Carolina. Doug McIntyre with AquaticCo spoke on light fixture components for the reef tank. He began his business as a way to help finance his own reef tank at a time when he was taking flight training. He now has 19 styles of light fixtures from 14"-72" housing VHO, PC, T-5, and halide lamps. To save you the suspense of reading the website summary, his personal choice would be an electronic ballast from IceCap for the double ended metal halide bulb 250W 10,000 Kelvin. This yellowish-green lamp actually has the most usable photosynthetic radiation in the 400nm-600nm spectrum our corals need.

On TheReefTank [TRT] board, Charles reminded members to post trades and for sale offers at a reasonable price and for bidders to honor that value. He asked that offers significantly below the asked value not be made. Also for the seller to be prepared to answer all inquiries within a reasonable time and to have an empty private mail [PM] box for the offers. Jenn suggested to set the time for PM messages "from the beginning" or past mail will remain unnoticed. Seller should post when item has sold.

Maria, Meeting Coordinator, has set up an event at Fernbank Museum on Thursday 24 July at 7:00 in the evening for the club. They have a 900 gallon tank they wish to use to duplicate a GA reef ecosystem. They have invited us for a tour and to hear our opinions on what lifeforms would be appropriate.

The club has been approached by the Arnall Middle School in Newnan,GA for a donation to equip their 120 gallon reef tank. The BOD is currently deciding on what contribution we will make. Promoting reef education is essential to our club's charter and this school has the tank prominently displayed in the entry by the library. It was suggested accepting solicitations six months in advance in order to have time to budget allocations.

Charles announced that the club will host Anthony Calfo on the 11 Oct 2003 for a free to members evening. The location is to be the Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church where Eric Bornman spoke last year. There is a need for additional presentation speakers and meeting locations. Tom Wyatt offered his tank room if the 3 hour drive to South Carolina was feasible.

Refractometers from last month's powerbuy are available from Andy Daiss until the end of June.

The recurring question of alternate meeting nights was raised and politely answered that Tuesdays suited more people who regularly attend and are actively involved. There are also events such as the picnic at Don's and Calfo's lecture on the weekend and the Fernbank meeting occuring on alternate days. Several members drive considerable distances or arrange half days off Wednesday in order to attend Tuesdays.

July's meeting will be at Eden Gardens, an extended stay facility in Dunwoody GA. The evening's entertainment will be a slide show from Terry Whittington from his dive trip. September is planned for Aquarium Showcase. November will be officer elections.

Curtis Wright has joined the Board of Directors while Michael Faubacher and Sam Alatar have stepped down.

Charles asked for discusssion on problems and advise for the members. He began by giving the genesis of his nano-reef tank, its website and future plans for his larger in-wall tank, soon to be fish only. His son still has the wayward crab tank. Building the systems for the larger tank was apparently more fun than being finished and Charles has big plans for his small tank.

A father and son from the University of South Carolina are trying to take care of a 120 gallon tank in the campus dorm. With a $1000 annual budget they want more live rock and sand, frags and came south looking for expert help. Like the Newnan school this is an opportunity for the club to help educate students on the beauty of a reef tank properly maintained.

Doug had drawings of the new GA Aquarium showing the huge mechanical systems. Four million gallons of saltwater [probably for the giant squid] and a sump 70'L x 11'W x 50'H.

Jenn asked for help in meeting her pledge to raise $2500 for Muscular Dystrophy research. Any amount including single dollar bills is welcome. Contact Imagine Ocean at 770-720-0103.

July General Meeting
Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 7:30 PM
5399 Northland Drive, Dunwoody GA

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I wasn't able to make the meeting and didn't notice anything about it in the notes from the meeting so I'll ask. Is Aquarium Showcase a sponsor yet? I haven't tried showing my ARC membership card and won't until I hear that they are indeed sponsors. Thanks

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I dropped the sponsor membership form off a few Saturdays ago. Jorge wasn't there. Rick was going to get back w/ him about it.

So no they are not official sponsors yet. But will be soon -- hopefully.
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