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That was Doug, with a "u". "Dung" (with a "n") is what Andy's skimmers takes care of (that was last meeting).:funny:

But, yes, thanks for hosting Doug. And thanks for the lighting presentation. Once again I am chocked full of new information that I didn't know about several hours ago.

I tell you what, if you didn't see the tank at Doug's shop, you really missed out. He's really bucking the traditional wisdom and is running a live rock only, no fish or coral (LRONFoC) with metal halide lighting and absolutely NO FLOW! While not exactly interesting to watch, his tank suffers absolutely none of the problems we have (besides a little algea- which, according to what I learned at the last meeting, isn't necessarily a bad thing) ;)

(I hear he is constructing a more traditional reef tank at home :D )

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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