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June Meeting--Refractometers

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OK, I will not be at the June meeting...I have family coming into town. However, Curtis Wright will have the remaining pieces for the following people to pick up....

graffyn (2)

rickandjan (2)


The amount is $37.10.....Curtis will have the list of people. The deadline to pick these up is 6/30.....You can still make arrangements with me to either ship them or pick them up at my shop. Thanks!
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Is this the same dog that "mauled" my wife at the meeting 2 mos ago? ;) :funny:

Glad you got the dog home safe. That can be stressful when they run off like that.

Let's hear it for pets that stay in a little 2x4x2 tank of water! If you thought animal control was pissed trying to catch your dog, just let him try to catch #&%^$! yellow tail blue damsel!
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