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I hope to see you all at the frag swap in June. I am new to this hobby so have more needs and wants than what I have in the way of frags to swap. I do have a Xenia who has split into three parts that I could swap (after I figure out how to do it <grin>. I also have money to swap which may help me acquire a frags or two. I am looking forward to seeing how others tanks, setups and learning what I can from you. I have purchased and read about eight books on the subject but as you know better than I do, there is a lot to learn about the subject. I was going to go fresh water as I had years ago but a helpful petsmart guy talked me into going with salt H2O tank (I believe they don't even sell salt-water livestock). Anyway, I have spent the last few months learning how expensive this choice is in comparison to fresh water. I don't regret going with salt, because there seems to be so much variety and it is much more interesting.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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