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July meeting

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Hi guys, Woody has volunteered to have the next meeting. Will treat to hamburgers & hot dogs, & drink. Everyone is welcome to bring their own donations, food or drink. All would be appreciated & welcome. The meeting is setup for the 20th at 2 o'clock. Here is a link to his web page for directions.
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great, good to see that a date was set. i am going to try my hand at grilling sopme of the more traditional american bbq foods at the meeting if woody will let me.

look forward to seeing everyone there, and as it will be a lot less tressful on my part i hope to get some trading in (if that is appropriate at his place, not sure on his feelings about that whole thing).

anyway, see yall there!
yeah i need to get a powerhead for my reactor as well. i need one that will work with the standard ro/di or icemaker type tubing... any suggestions?

also mike, did you ever pay woddy for that u-tube? if not you can pay him at the meeting :p
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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