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Our next meeting is supposed to be next week (Tuesday, July 8th). Hard to believe, since most of us just all got together for the zoo trip.

Anyway, any ideas for the July meeting? Should we meet later in the month? Anyone willing to host?


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Obviously I won't be making it to the July meeting. However, I'd like to propose hosting a meeting in January, February or March. I realize it's a big expense but I could put everyone up if they don't mind a little camping (lots of space and it ain't so cold here in the dead of winter!)

For the meeting, I'd like to suggest a trip to the Maui Oceanarium. They have REAL corals, unlike the concrete, algae encrusted ones at the Minnesota Zoo. I'd also like to propose a couple of snorkel trips (or even a dive trip if anyone is certified) so you all could have an opportunity to see a live reef in the Pacific.

I figure that apart from airfare a couple of hundred dollars each is all you'd need to cover expenses. You'd probably want to pool in on a rental car but if you search the web you can get one for a week for up to $200.

Start saving your nickels and dimes and mull this over. I think it sounds like a BLAST!!
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