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Johnny clam #9

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Well what the heck 8 clams lets just make it 9! Got this Tridacana Maxima today almost 5 in:D


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There's a couple of 12 inchers at one of the LFS here... Ya want em Casey??
Geesh 12 inch think I might need a bigger tank.:)
You're only doing this cause you know I can't have them. :p

Casey it's beautiful. :D but then all your clams are....

Thanks Jerel,I love your queen and I want one now :)
another clam :rolleyes: casey save some for the rest of us :D

thefatman said:
another clam :rolleyes: casey save some for the rest of us :D

Come on Jay when ya gonna get one?
dont you know as a member of the J crowd you have to have a clam:D thanks Casey
Beautiful clam casey! Your right though Jay got to get a move on and get himself a clam as well! Gonna be in the "J" crowd ya better have a clam of some sort!:D
is jays new tank even up yet?
Thanks Tyler:)
That's a nice looking clam!:beer:
Thanks Chris :) Welcome to Trt the best reef place on the net glad to have ya aboard.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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