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I've not posted pix in a long time

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Well As some of you know, I have been on temp duty in Germany since Feb 5, I have not been home since then and have been relying on my wife sending me pictures of the tank to keep me going. My wife has done a fantastic job in my opinion, we have lost one coral (hammer) after 4 months it just shed it polyps in 1 day and that was that! Everything else is doing great and has been growing well. Enough of that now for the pictures
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frogspawn and my false perk
another centered view
this is a purple acro table frag that Mojo gave me back when he was tearing down his 300
Looking good! It looks like your wife is doing a great job!

Wow... looks great. :beer:
I've heard that Acro's grow fast, but that's insane.
Man Tom. You're going to have to get your own tank. I think she deserves that one.

Nice growth sequence on the Mojo frag. I wish I would've done the same with mine, but oh well.

Tank looks great man. Keep that tank lookin good.

Yes my wife has been quite the reefer since I have been gone. Before I left she hardly even glanced at my tank. I showed her how to do a water change and how to do all the tests. I left her a extensive daily to do and to check list. Now she has taken down the skimmer and removed blockages, taken out the return pump and removed snails from that, and countless other tasks that she had never done before. I have literally spend hours on the phone with here talking her through everything! Here is another acro growth pic from Mojo's frag fest

Wow, those are beautiful! Hats off to your wife for doing an excellent job of caring for your reef bro! Your tank is beautiful!
Wow T we know who is the real reefer now dont we hehheheh

Looks great

Man.. she's definitely done a great job keeping your reef in shape.. you owe here HUGE...

Tank looks great.. nice pics...
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