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Good Morning Gang, it is cooler here, mid 80s with a lot of smoke still :(
Vin glad you made it back OK, home can be wonderful
Brandon, hopefully things go well with your girls, are they keeping em over or deliver and out the door like around here?
George, is it a stair lift they are installing?
Dick that little Palomino would be a good spare tire for Daves Draft horses ;)
Ray and Perry, hope you guys can stay awake or fake it today :)
Jeff, cool on the tires coming in, hoprfully you can get Blythe's Subie back up to snuff
I am actually at a point where I am somewhat caught up with chores I can do at the moment. Still gotta check on the neighbors Horse and stuff but that is no big deal
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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