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Good Morning Everyone!

coffee is ready,

Made it home about late afternoon, had a great time in TN, but am glad to be home sleeping in my bed last night. :dance:

Time to get ready for work.

Have a Great Day!

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Good mawnin', Vinnie, George, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the coffee and cereal, guys! I've set out blueberries, peaches and nanners for everyone.

Vinnie - Good deal on getting home safely and at not too late.

George - Have a good time in PA with your father-in-law.

Welcome to the world and to TRT, Carly Grace! Glad she's doing well!

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone.

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Good Tuesday morning George, Vinnie and all to come.
Sleepy morning here. Had a call at 11 last night and one just after midnight this morning. Going to be a loooonnnnnggggg day at the college today.
Vinnie glad you made it home safe and sound.
Enjoy the visit George.
Time to go get all the sleepy heads moving around here. Y'all have a good day.

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Good Morning, Vince, George, Cath, Ray, Dave & All! :)

Welcome to the world, Carly Grace! :banana:

Another sunny day on Rock Top. I could get used to this. ;) Only thing is I'll be spending it indoors on what would appear to be a long day at work.

Glad you made it home safe and sound, Vince!

Have a safe trip, George.

Dave, you need a sign like this for your hosses. :D I'm sure it makes the patrons at the Cades Cove riding stables feel real good about mounting up on one of these 'peaceful' cayuses.

Have a Terrific Tuesday, Everyone!


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Good Toozday morning all of TRT - thanks for the coffee and fruit, Vinny & Cath. Welcome Carly Grace, beautiful name - - congratulations! Trying to stay afloat here with the walking pneumonia, still have to work unfortunately. Really hot outside, going to be another egg-frying day today - 102! Yikes!

Have a great day all!

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Morning everyone. Nice sunny day and not too hot.

Had lots of new grass sprouts this morning.

Swamped at work. :beer:

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morning yall
hope everyones good . not so much here bobbys still working at the moment but 3 of he's buddies got fired this morning because they asked about the tubing they hung yesterday the foreman said it was wrong and the guy working with bobby asked how was it wrong mind you johnny knows a lot more then that so called foreman does so he asked they engineer and he agreed with the foreman . so they let them go this am bobby said he was about to leave but said he was gonna tough it out for now , jonhhys got a lead on a job in meridian ms so hope that pans out if so we might be going there with them . well yall take care and see yall later

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Morning all :wavey:

Looks like a late start for me, but actually got up at my normal/early hr. today.

Blyth was supposed to have a in-service meeting this morning after her ER shift from 8a to 11:30am (with a hr or so to wait 'tween the end of her midnite shift and the start of the in-service.) Was thinking I'd not have to get up early to pick her up today(her tires are starting to arrive @ Costco as per the FedEx email this morning :dance: so my playing taxi driver looks to be coming to a end shortly:agree: ) Blyth called a 1/2 hr after when she shoulda gotten out and said she was killing time on some 'puter type stuff @ work and was having a ruff time staying awake, and was gonna bail on the inservice and was in need of my picking her up ASAP.

Swapped my at home coffee mug contents to my travel mug and headed out to retrieve her.

Bounced around a few topics like putting up some form/layout of fencing for the house dawgs (got mucho overkill 6 ft. chain link and everything else related here, but with whenever/however the house addition/remodel affecting any perm. fence project, kinda fuzzy on where to have it laid out) Came up with 3-4 different scenarios, a couple being away from the house and more near/including the pole barn, but all of them have issues with natural and manmade obstacles being inside or blocking those plans.:doh: :ac39:

Blyth is off tonite :banana:
so it's prob gonna be her/us catching up on movies/tv and deciding what is for grub tonite since she likes
to make a "real" meal when she's off work. Who am I to argue :rolleyes: :yumyum:

Since I overdid things at the health club yesterday, been a lil extra sore in my low back area :( ,which replaced one kinda pain that I'm saddled with most every day, with a new/different pain that hurts more since i'm not used to it. Luckily one of the ER Docs was nice enuf to give me a shot of Vitamin Wonderful :D when Blyth saw how I was moving, (or not) when I came to the ER. Was able to drive home b4 it started up to it's max and plan on veggin' out:couchplus: til Blyth wakes up later today.

Even tho I was instructed to take it easy today, I plan on hitting the health club inna lil while and have a few minor chores here to tackle b4 the Boss wakes up and gives me heck about not taking it EZ.:rolleyes:

Hope everyone has a great day! :wavey:

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Good Morning Gang, it is cooler here, mid 80s with a lot of smoke still :(
Vin glad you made it back OK, home can be wonderful
Brandon, hopefully things go well with your girls, are they keeping em over or deliver and out the door like around here?
George, is it a stair lift they are installing?
Dick that little Palomino would be a good spare tire for Daves Draft horses ;)
Ray and Perry, hope you guys can stay awake or fake it today :)
Jeff, cool on the tires coming in, hoprfully you can get Blythe's Subie back up to snuff
I am actually at a point where I am somewhat caught up with chores I can do at the moment. Still gotta check on the neighbors Horse and stuff but that is no big deal

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Jeff, cool on the tires coming in, hopefully you can get Blyth's Subie back up to snuff
Yeah, me/us too Doug.

The sidewall bulge/separation(half dollar size and not protruding out much) on the one tire is something I would drive on (tho not at expressway speeds) around town/low speeds short term, but not Blyth,, and not like I would let/like her to do so,, so it's all good for her being Outback-less and chauffeured by yers truly;)

When I went with the Costco route for her tires, Blyth kinda was doing the "what the heck, I gotta wait for them to be delivered?!" But after she checked online as to prices etc. she realized waitin' a few days saves over $100(just for the tires) plus related fees pertaining to swapping the tires out/ disposal etc., and lifetime rotation/flat fixes/checks and nitrogen top offs compared to other place's charges( 50/50 on having nitro vs."air" in tires, but I'm ok with it now in my CR-V's Michelins, but prob would not pay extra to have it) ,,she's realized it's fine to wait a few days vs. having them NOW at another place.

Talking $$, it's still less to drive her for a few days gas-wise compared to what "git em now" tires would cost.

Gonna call Costco later today nad confirm ALL 4 tires showed up and get the Sube in manana:agree:
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