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Hi, everyone!

Hack, I hope your day went well today, especially since you had a more substantial breakfast. 😉

Rick!! Glad you’re home safe and sound. Thanks for those fantastic photos for us! They are a treat for my eyes and I suspect the same is for everyone else, especially that sunset. Or was that a sunrise?

Jeff- So Molly the is showing off like a teenager? I hope she got settled down to get som head scratching. How is everyone else doing in your house? I know your yard and such better, and getting ready for the winter.

Perry - Yup, you better hide your secret skills the best you can, you will get volunteered for some odd job.

Vinnie, that’s a lot to think about for shipping your ponies. Surely you can snoop around on some website and see what kind of 02 they use.
Yeah on your oncologist appointment going well and gaining a few pounds! 🥳🥳

Doug - how did your Friday go at work? There’s a new gal continue to do very well?

Good news Sophie‘s healing process. I took her to the vet today, and she’s doing much better! I don’t have to take her again for another two weeks. Her hemoglobin is within the normal range.

tomorrow morning I will be having coffee and breakfast with my friends. So I will be coming in late, but not as late as today.

Make grooviness rule for everyone tonight!
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