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Is this skimmer working right???

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Just powered up the skimmer - is the water column supposed to reach all the way to the top? Right now it only goes about 3/4 the way up.....not reaching the collection cup......

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IME with the Naut skimmer you will want the water level to be about 1/2 inch below the black line on the skimmer base just below the collection cup. Hope this helps. In order to get it to that level I believe you have to move the discharge tube up or down I cant remember what direction

Done - Thanks, I raised the tube and the water level shot right up.....too high at first and then I adjusted. I don't have anything in their to give me good foam yet - but tomorrow the rock goes in and then the action will start.

Thanks Again for the help
Move it up dude :)
Here it is with the gunk in it :)
Ohhhhhh..... that looks tasty!!! :D
Buzz_Hog said:
Ohhhhhh..... that looks tasty!!! :D
I will save ya a shot Buzz:D :beer:
Dont tell him that he is a Marine he will do it


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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