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Its been a while, but perhaps soon enough im updates to post>

The person I know from the time I first started to go to fish world and had Jeff voet as my main supplier and tanks and equipment installer, etc. He knows I been paying and planning these tanks before he had left fish world and knows about all the let downs Jeff had put me through.
He said that next week isn't a good week for him to do what im looking for him to do for me and so, we moved it to the following week, a date itself isn`t set as yet. We talked some, and I have lighting that I not can use for what im looking to do and he has lighting that he is looking to change as well.

To be precise, you know that im with 175 watt MH and wanted 250 watt MH, and my friend has 250 watt MH and is looking to have 175 watt MH. He said that he like that I have this 180 setup as I wanted it, that he can put his 250 watt MH on my 180. I told him that we will wait, until he can see what I have here and that we will go from there what if we exchange or other wise.

This person knows that im not afraid to spend money on what im looking to do here, he knows as well that im with the plans to have myself even a Gem Tang. he also know that im looking to replace the selling of the pair of dragon morays, hopefully near or soon after the end of July. For soon after that, I will have the property tax again to get together and each year it seems to go up in cost.

So what I told this person of the things im looking to do are:
1. Put in the new sump on the 40 gal breeder QT
2. Put in a new return pump on both the 40 and 180 tanks
3. In the 180, im about a DSB of around 2.5 and he agreed to add three #40 bags or aragonite sand to it
4. Put in two 4" cooling fans in the 180 canopy
5. Put in the new chiller I have on the 180
6. Check the lighting in place on the 180, that it be operational and ready to use

Those are of what im to start with and later we will discuss what we can do about the 240>

So for now, I have to say is that this is good news to hear, for prior before this, I was looking at a more horrible ordeal to think about. Still, nothing is for sure on what if I will have to move or not. But I will go a head as if im staying and look to get something started here for I already waiting far longer then anybody else would ever care to waited. A matter a fact, I heard most would giving up on my project long before waiting more then 4.5 years.

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