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Hi everyone, I need some advice from all of you. I upgraded my tank from 55 to 90 gallons a few months ago. I love the tank and how it looks. However, lately, I have seen a green carpet growing on the back of my tank over the sand. I am assuming these are detritus generated by a low flow area in my tank. When I upgraded the tank, I didn't add any extra power heads, and I am using the same setup. I just need some advice from all of you before I go ahead and invest in new power heads.

Below are some images of my tank; you can see that I have two powerheads. One on each side of the tank. The area that is creating the problem is right under the clownfish on the back of the tank. In the second picture, it is hard to notice the problem, but every time I clean the tank, I remove a handful of that stuff.

Thanks for you time and suggestions.


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Just from what you said, yes more flow. But as far as the algae, not sure if that will correct the problem. Hair algae will grow in low or high flow so long as it has a good source.

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Agree with Vinnie that increased flow in a 'dead area' is always a good thing, but don't thing it'll solve the 'algae' issue.
I have seen a green carpet growing on the back of my tank over the sand.
Is it actual 'GHA' or more a slimy mate like cyano bacteria?
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