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Ricordia frags for sale.

Sizes range from 1.5"- 2". They will get bigger in few weeks. Some have more than one mouth. Most of them are dual tone and tri tone and few single tone.
Pink - 25
Orange - 20
Green - 20
Lavender blue - 15
Anything thats single mouth single color is 10

he's local to me so i they wont have to be shipped.
also, do most ricordia come on rock or separately.

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The prices seem good to me, But as far as how if they are on rubble or just loose will depend on how they are selling them. they come either way, also I have found that they are not fast growing.

The size is good

Just send me a PM ;)
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Those are good prices, they usually go fo the $40 range here.

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Florida would run about $10-$35 on average depending on size and color. Yuma could be $1-$200+ depends on size color.

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Colorful Yumas are usually harder to come by and carry a higher price. The difference is in the way they are formed and grow.

These are Yumas:

These are Floridas:

If you look closely you will notice that the Yumas have dots that are more elongated and spread out over the body of the coral, while the Floridas have bubbles that are packed much tighter.
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