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I have a 210 display tank set up with 550lb of Fiji live-rock and indo-pacific aragonite black and white sand.
What I'm looking to do is set up this tank with only animals found in/around Central/Eastern Indo-Pacific that are reef safe.
I would like to stock the tank with corals that are photosynthetic and would need very little to no additional feeding's other then practicals from the water column. I'm hopping to build a system other then daily feeding for the fish, the system will keep it's inhabitants feed from algae and detritus.
Also a cleaning craw that will turn over the sand and clean out detritus but not harm the coral's, clam's and shrimp that will be housed in this system.
This system has an Apex controller running the lighting (LED) and temp seasonally for that region. Right now its around 76 but this summer will be around 81.

Any stocking help would be a greatly appreciated.
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