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inactive red eye tetras

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hey guys i think i MIGHT have found out why my red eye tetras are inactive. everything on the tank is perfect. no ammonia, no nitrite, and only about 5-10ppm nitrates. the temp never fluctuates. the other fish in the tank are acting normal. but a few of my red eyes dont move much. only like 2 of the red eyes actually act normal. but my tanks temp is at 80.5-81 degrees F. and im thinking if i lower it to about 76-77 they will do better. what do you guys think??

btw they are all eating like pigs and usually swim around for about 5 min after feeding before calming down.

the other tank mates are serpae tetras and xray pristella tetras. they are doing fine.
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How many do you have in the tank? If it's a small group they won't act normally, especially with serpae in the tank.
i have 6. i just bought the serpaes a couple days ago. they acted like this before i added the serpaes.
Generally other fish cause them to be inactive or insufficient numbers in the school. If you have tall plants that break up the line of sight it should help. Because they are eating I don't think it's a health issue but rather an environmental issue.
yeah well im lowering the temp because i read that fish arnt as aggressive at a lower temp. and they seem to be swimming around more today. also i only have like 3 large plants in the tank and i might get a couple more.

reason i think its aggression is because one of the red eyes likes to chase the others around. also one of the red eyes has a gash on his side.
78 degrees is a good temperature for tetras.
While a lower temp may lower aggression it does this because it lowers overall activity and metabolism.

The best way to control aggression is to use stocking levels and tankmates.
what do u mean use stocking levels and tankmates?
For example, 1 tiger barb will attack just about everything else in your tank. 8 tiger barb will fight amongst themselves and leave everyone else alone.

2 serpae tetra (these are rather aggressive tetras) will attack your other fish, 6-10 won't.

So that's how using stocking levels will keep aggression down.

What I mean by using tankmates is to place only fish of similar temperament together or fish that inhabit different zones.

For example, a green spotted puffer is quite aggressive, but it will live just fine with a cory because the cory just stays on the bottom and the GSP inhabits the upper part of the tank.
the red eyes acted like this before i added the serpaes. the serpaes keep to themselves.
Maybe you could upload a video so we can see the behavior. Perhaps it's normal but just not what you expected.
well i know their stressed because you know that black color on their tail? well its faded most of the time. and i know that when fish are stressed, there colors fade.

ill make a vid and paste it on here.
It's difficult to tell from the video. They look pretty normal to me.
Here's a good video
to compare their behavior too.
thanks for the video. and im thinking its one of two things. its either an aggression issue or they are really shy and still need time to get used to the tank.
im probably going to get a couple more plants for them to hide in too
It could be either of the above issues.
Based on the layout of your tank in the video I would say quite a few more plants would be beneficial. Tetras really like plants.

When I was heavily keeping freshwater tanks they were of primarily tetras and all of the tanks were planted.
yeah im definitely going to get a couple more plants for them.

well the temp is at 78 and they are doing better.
That's a good temp for them.
I would say that and a few more plants would really help out.
bought 2 more big plants for them. the tank looks much better but that dumb fish still cowers behind the powerhead :/
As long as he comes out to eat that's fine. My blue chormis population has slowly died off until for the last 3 years or so I've just had two. They are happy and healthy, but hide all day until about an hour before feeding and an hour before lights out. But as long as they are eating and healthy I will let them hide.

They do it because there isn't enough of their kind for them to come out.
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