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We are happy to announce that DVDs of the presentations given at this year’s IMAC are now available on the IMAC website . You can get DVDs of the following speakers:
Eric Borneman “Reefkeeping Methods – Tried and True?”
Adam Blundell “Filtration Methods in a Natural Reef Aquarium”
Bob Fenner “Organism Selection for a Saltwater Aquarist”
Anthony Calfo “A Call to Farms”
Todd Gardner “Seahorse Nutrition in Aquaculture”
Dr. Sanjay Joshi “Designing Reef Systems – Thwarting Murphy’s Laws”
Allen LaPointe “Water Quality Monitoring and Data Interpretation”
Zack Schwartz “K-12 Education and the Science Behind It”
John Kelly “Goniopora, A New Beginning”
Dana Riddle “Tide Pool Reefs of Kahalu’u Hawaii and What They Tell Us About Reef Aquaria”
Anthony Calfo “Coral Workshop”
Julian Sprung “Invasive Species: Legend, Psychology, Science and the Aquarium Hobby”
Mike Paletta “Setting up a LARGE Aquarium”
Tullio Dell Aquilla “Advanced Lighting Technologies”
Jake Adams “Water Flow Speed is Critical in Our Aquaria”
Steven Pro “Recent Experiments with ‘Reef Safe’ Treatments”
Walt Smith (Banquet Speaker) “The Life and Death of a Coral Reef, Who Should we believe, What Have we learned?”
Eric Borneman “Coral Workshop”
They are each over 1 hour long and include the Q&A session. When you go to the IMAC site just click on “IMAC Shopping” on the right. DVDs are available for $12 each, plus shipping.
While you are on the IMAC site, you can also see streaming videos of many previous IMAC speakers from 2005, 2004 and 2003 for free.

IMAC has also announced that next year’s conference will be on June 1, 2 and 3. You can sign up now for Early Bird registration rates. If you have attended a previous IMAC you can register for just $99. Email me for instructions.


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Thanks Dennis , Hope you are feeling up to par lately,,,:thumbup:
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