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Look into Rock Nems =D Ive had tons of different nems but I have to say I love rock nems the most.. They don't wonder really and they dont eat livestock lol. I know all to well about tossing cleaner shrimp in there only to have them be grabbed by the nem within 3 minutes time.

It is just an opinion but curb the whole clown and nem thing trust me its overrated lol. If you ever intend on raising or propagating coral (Which your going to eventually trust me we all do) you are gonna have to watch the nem. You are going to have to watch the nem with its tank mates. With the nem you are going to have to watch your flow rates extremely close and very RARELY change them if ever... You will be constrained unless you dont mind that nem wondering around or worse yet releasing from the rock getting taken in the flow and sucked into a power head. There are many risks with nems.

As a coral farmer and clown breeder I have grown away from nems and the whole nem clown thing altogether... The only reason I have an LTA left is because it was my 6 year female clowns and she just passed 2 days ago. I literally could not take it from her without being attacked. But now shes gone so is the LTA... And I have to say while im devastated over the clown passing im in my glory that I can now get rid of that nem. Trust me its something you will probably regret as most people do. They are more a novelty in my opinion. Those clowns will breed without a nem and they will be just as happy without it =D...
Trust me look into Rock Nems and Zoanthids / Palys for your tank for some color =D those are some of the things that will add some good color for you , propagate out to the rocks, and be ok in a fowlr setup ...
If you decide to do it and you need any help or need a couple frags let me know Ill ship you a few starters =D And if you are looking into rock nems I have a guy in Florida who I can direct you to for 10 or 15 a piece cheaper if you buy multiples.
Just an opinion though =D
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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