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I'm in Sacramento, found good LFS

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Not sure if anyone is interested...
I found a really good LFS here in Sacramento area. They have a wide variety of fish, corals, & inverts rather than large quanity. They all look extremely healthy! If anyone has any requests I can see if they have something you may be looking for but can't locally... I have a possible solution. Tell me what you are looking for and I can see if they have it and just buy it before I get on the plane and transport it by bringing it on my carry-on luggage. The stipulations are you need to pick things that you believe that ship reasonably well and you may want to meet me at the airport or at my house right away when I get home. I come home on Sunday 8/10/03 around 5:30pm. This will allow you to get that something you have been looking for without paying $30 shipping. The prices seem cheaper on most things than what you may pay for at any LFS in the twin cities. The other stipulation is you will have to pay me via paypal. Feel free to send a PM or reply to the post. If you like PM your phn number and I can call you asap. Again not sure if anyone will be interested but I thought I would offer. I saw the sweetest clam that was HUGE for $99. Can't remember what kind it is but it was beautiful!! It was about 10" in size maybe more... Just an example. I see most clams at about 4" or so at LFS for $60 or $70 or more.
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The other thing I forgot to mention is that I need to look in to laws or rules on bringing this stuff through security and transporting it on the plane but I don't think it's a problem...Does anyone know the answer to that question via personal expr????
I just had a customer from Boston come into town and purchase 10 frags last Monday. He was able to take them on the plane in a carry on soft sided cooler with no problems. If they have any rerally nicely colored SPS colonies I'd be interested. give me a call if they do. 612-418-9876.
Do you have any colors your looking for in particular?? Any size in particular. Like I said they have lots of stuff... Also do most SPS ship well. I could have them in a cooler or something for up to 10 hours or so (Less than they would being shipped but I dont have heating packs or cooling packs but should maintain reasonable temps. Anyone want snails?? Lots of cool snails (big red foots... I think thats what they called them. Also some giant snails don't know what they are called but they are like 4" snails.) Sea cucumbers cool little BRIGHT yellow ones... bright pink one as well.
Purple, blue, pink, anything that is unusually shaped or brightly colored. Yes the SPS should have no problems being in bags for 10 hours.Just give me a call if you see anything that is cool in the SPS realm.
well here is the story... I found did not figure the fact that I am leaving here on a sunday... store does not open untill 10am and my flight leaves at 12:10pm and the airport is an hour away from the store.... I don't think I will be able to pull this off. The only thing I can offer is maybe things like snails or something that will survive me picking them up on sat night. although the snails are of no saving to the ones local to twincities... however I am considering getting some redfoot snails for myself unless if one of you can tell me were to get some local to twincities...
premier pets in Ramsey had tehn last time I was there about a week ago...not sure on prices.
thanks for the info!! I hear they are a good solution to hair algae control to anyone who cares. I would like 2 or 3 to take care of what little hair algae I have... and hope they contain any future hair algae. Thanks JNS

Sorry to the rest about not being able to leverage this opportunity... I should have payed attention to my flight versus store opening time...
No problem.
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