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I'm due for bulbs soon Metal halide Bulbs that is

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So I'm due for new Bulbs as I left the ones I bought with the system (used) in there because I did not have too much coral to worry about.

I ran across these what do you think

If you have tried them let me know.

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personally, I would never buy a no-name brand of aquarium lighting product on ebay. I've NEVER read a story of someone satisfied with their purchase (in probably over a hundred threads I've seen similar to this). If I were you, I'd invest in radium 20kK bulbs, which have great output and awesome color (much closer to a conventional 14kK in my opinion).
ok well then i'll pass for now. that it kind of what i thought but I wanted to be sure.
Yes, bypass the eBay stuff. There are some people who use them and swear they are ok, but mostly once those people use a quality bulb they see the difference. I too recommend Radiums... absolutely fantastic bulbs, but it does depend highly on the ballast you use as to how blue they look. What ballast are you using, and it has to be a mogul socket fixture as well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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