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I'm back :).....And I have two new fish.

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Well the rumors off my death are greatly exaggerated ;) (duncan reefer, cath, TDWyatt). Well, I went out of town on business for a week and a half and my finger leather disintegrated (I managed to save two frags that are growing like crazy) and life got busy after that.

I am kicking it back into gear and getting back on the board again. After a two month hiatus from purchasing anything reef I went out today and purchased two juvenile false perculas. They are hanging close together and Rocky isn’t to sure about them, but is leaving them alone. My tanks progression is doing great and the button polyps that I rescued from the live rock bin are taking over the tank and I am going to be trading some of the same colors at the frag swap at TDWyatt’s house on the 31st. Hope everyone is doing fine and it’s great to be back.

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Earl!! I haven't seen you in a hunnert years! Let's get the Upstate gang (and then some) going and hyped up about this!

It's great to see you, Earl!
Welcome back, Earl :)

Who's Rocky?

Rocky is my Yellow Tang that was a rescue and given to me by TDWyatt. The two percs are busy tearing up my sandbed I have a pit where sand used to be. They are truely fun to watch. I have not found names yet for them. For those with expericence with true percs and false percs what do you feed them. These little guys are nibbling blender mush and attack my invertabrate pellets but the pellets are too big for them to munch. These guys are about 1 inch in length. Any suggestions on feeding them and and care tips other than the water parameters being good.

Earl Ballantyne III
Hey Earl! Great to see ya back! My wife feeds her clown Spirulina Algae Flake Food and they love it!! Very heatlhy! Ours is made by Nutrafin but there are others!:)
Clowns are sometimes slow to start eating but once they do, they've eaten anything I put in the tank. My maroon clown even tries to eat the Nori, though she doesn't like it and spits it back out.

She just can't stand the thought of the other fish eating something without her! :funny:
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