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If anyone is tired of Xenia taking over their tank

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You can have my Emerald crab. Im pretty sure he disposed of both my first stalks of Xenia last night. One toothpick is completely gone as well as the Xenia and the other toothpick is still stuck in the rock, No xenia.

.... ugh

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If You want, bring him over when you pick up the sand for the refugium. I will put him in my bad crab tank.

Well im not sure if he did it now? Talking to William about my terrible PH drop and he thinks that may have had something to do with it?
The ones you just got? Ouch.. sorry to hear that.
Yep didn't last 12 hours.
When did your PH drop? Thats kind of weird, this morning i had my water tested and the lady told me my PH was at 7.4 and it needs to be at 8.5. I didnt buy any buffer for it yet though.
My PH was under 7.8 and my Alk was 2. I don't know what happened. I added a buffer today. All my other parameters are fine. So I am assuming this is the bane of everything that has gone wrong so far.
Probably. I would think your xenia could make it back. Try dripping kalkwasser. Get a doser or make one from a milk jug. (That is what i did) I took a piece of hard tubing from a petstore, made a hole on the bottom of the jug about an inch from the bottom, that way you are dripping any of the goop. Get an airline valve and adjust to drip about 1 drop every 5 seconds. I do a gallon a week or so with one week off. Just add a teaspoon of lime or kalwasser and mix, let it sit about 8 hours and drip.

I have an aquadoser. I love it. I used it for the PH buffer. I don't have Kalk, I'll go grab some.

Problem is there is NO xenia left. It is completely gone. Dissapeared into thin water
Im no expert by any means, but i dont think that your PH being low would make your xenia disappear like that. Like i said before, my PH is really low at the moment and my xenia seem to be doing fine. It probably was that crab.
Bill just hollar when you want the sand. I am picking up my pygmy cories from Aviaruim today.

Cool thanks Ray. Not sure when I will be able to make it down there. But I will definitely let you know.
Do you have any Peppermint shrimp? I tried putting a small frag of xenia in my display tank, and my Peppermints tore it to shreds within minutes. Guess they thought it was aiptasia, or maybe just tasted like it.
Aiptasia or Xenia isn't all the same. :eek:

You know something you really don't want in your tank in the end. :funny:

And Yes I have a little patch in my Minibow but I like my Anthelia better.
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