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Identify Picasso Clown spots/disease

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Please see attached photos. The photos are of the female, of a recent purchased (mated pair) of Picasso Clowns. They are newly arrived, wild caught, from the Solomon Islands. So, obviously they are stressed.

I'd greatly appreciate any input on possible treatment recommendations. As I am not sure of what the spots are. They are currently in a quarantine/hospital tank.

Thank you!!!


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Almost looks like bruising from a rough catch / shipment.
That would work for me. My only resistance is I inspected them, before buying. She didn't show any signs of injury. I guess I'll keep an eye out & watch for improvement (hopefully!!). Thanks for the input!
Appears to be getting worse! Hoping it was just an abrasion, I moved it to my DT. She's eating, but I'm very concerned.



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Moved her to QT/HT again. Thankfully with little difficulty!! Started Cupramine treatment today. Here's hoping she recovers :beer:
By the way, and not to get to off topic, this pair was to replace a mated pair of false percula. I've had them for about 6 months and got tired of them hosting with my return line 'only'. They're currently in my sump...for now.
Within 30 minutes, my male Picasso (again wild caught) was hosting with my torch, with the female in tow. It has since hosted with my frog spawn and is now hosting with my bubble coral. Hopefully, it'll make its way to one of my two BTA's.


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Update....its only been a 6 hours and the infection is already looking better!!
Update...5 days and all external signs are gone. She's eating well. I will continue treatment for 14 days, total. Will keep posted. :rotflmao:
If that was velvet, you're probably a member of the 1% who saved their fish from that disease! Nice job!
So good!!!

Well, I didn't want to get ahead of myself...but here is the latest photo. She, seems, to have made a complete recovery. Eating great and happy to be back with her mate.

A little FYI, she started showing signs of disorientation about 10 days in the hospital tank (Cupramine). As if she couldn't see..running into everything. I decided to use carbon to remove the Cupramine. Gave her a couple of days to recover, then started the treatment again.

After completing treatment, I put her in my sump (Fug) for a few observe. Then transferred her into the DT. She's been doing great...just wish she'd quite hosting with my torch....:agree: The male is hosting with my frogspawn next door. Irritates me, since I have three anemones near by!!


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Wanted to give an update, on a couple of developments.

First, it's been 6 months since I treated this girl and she's doing great. Very pleased about that.

Second, I just detached and quarantined both my torch & frog spawn corals. This pair of Clowns have not left (host) these two (they go back and forth) since they were introduced into the tank. One of the heads, on the Torch, has finally had enough.

They are quarantined in the main DT, with a 'Reef Gently AccliMate Pro'. I'm hopeful they'll finally make there way to one of my two Bubble Tip Anemone's.
Happy to hear they are doing well.
Ironically, I've hijacked my own thread.

Update on Anemone hosting clowns. Unfortunately, I placed my Acclimate Pro quarantine container just below the water line and my clowns sneaked into the darn thing. However, this created an opportunity. I raised the quarantine container, so the top was above the water line. Then removed the corals, leaving the clowns. I decided to put my Ruby Bubble Tip into the quarantine container with the clowns. I ran into an obstacle. My BTA did not want to come lose from his rock. Fortunately, the rock was at the top of my tank and not attached to anything. The rock was too large for my quarantine container. So, I sat the rock on top and let the BTA hang there. I tried all the 'recommended' methods of removal, but it wasn't budging. This BTA was big and beautiful when I bought it. Now it's just too important to lose it. I've had it for about a year. As I sat there worrying 'what am I going to do?'...the clowns, after about 30 minutes, found their new home. I let them get comfortable for another hour...pouring water over the rock and exposed foot. Then decided to see what would happen if I put the rock back in the same spot. I turned off my tank power head, released the clowns. They swam around for awhile disoriented. I had moved their old homes, the Torch & Frogspawn. But, in about 15-20 minutes, they found the Frogspawn again. I almost lost it!!! So, I decided to put the Frogspawn in the quarantine tank. This time ABOVE the water:lol:....It took another 30 minutes, But they finally made their way to the BTA. I've made some adjustments with my powerhead, as that scared them off, and all is good. Finally...after a year and two pairs of clowns. They're being hosted by a BTA and not my LPS Corals, return lines, glass cleaners or anything else they could find....except my BTA's..:blob:
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Here's the happy couple!


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