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Ideas for tank repair on center brace

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I bought a used tank and while tranporting it the center brace broke. No water in the tank yet so I'm hoping to be able to do some sort of repair.

First thought was using jb weld or something similar to just try to repair it.

Second would be attaching a piece of glass where the center brace was.

Third would be buying a new top trim.

Probably want to look at it in that order. What type of weldon would I need to use? I have some of the 2 part epoxy on hand but if something else would be better I'm open to suggestions.

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Best thing to do would be to replace the whole thing. Would help me sleep better at night knowing that it's fixed and not just patched
You could use Weld- on 16 to fix acrylic and plastic... It should hold stronger than the material its bonding...
Weld-On 16 and acrylic worked well for me. i also used some nylon bolts just to be super sure. i removed mine to not have a shadow across the tank under the MH.

you can see i left a little bit of the brace in order to be able to bolt through it to mount to the acrylic strips. i did also use Weld-On 16.

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Thanks guys.

I'll give Weld-On 16 a shot and see what it looks like.
Weld-On 3 might not be a bad idea if you are not able to pull the gap open enough where the crack is to get the 16 in there.

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