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Bought some daisies on a piece of rock, has some red sponge and two parts have some kind of encrusting coral i think.. thought the other thing could be some kind of sponge, but it seems to have some polyps.. heres pics dudes and dudettes. Water Fluid Organism Underwater Marine biology

Organism Marine invertebrates Underwater Marine biology Reef

Water Organism Fluid Underwater Marine biology

If you can't tell very well from the picture, it's yellow and green..

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Hard to say... Maybe Montipora? Maybe a dead Alveopora/Gonipora

CAn you get a better pic?
cool I have some of those green flowers. Dont know the name, I got 5 heads. The neon green is great. As far as the one you want to ID I dont know
monti is what i was thinking. I seen poylps come out while in the store havent came back out yet though . Put it high in the tank closer to the light . As far as pics go thats as good as it gets....crap camera getting a new one in a day or so.
Glove Polyps is the flowers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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