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i thought i had a coral beauty.. guess not.

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ya know i could swear i bought a coral beauty back in february for the 20g temp tank.

i could also swear that the same coral beauty was transferred to the current 55g tank.

i could swear i planned to move the coral beauty to the 75g next week along with everything else.

i could also swear that the coral beauty was eating last night at feeding time.

apparantly it was all my imagination as my coral beauty is missing. totally dissapeared.

i was doing a quick water change today and noticed she wasn't swimming around. i looked, no luck. i got a little paranoid, so i started moving rock around looking. no luck. i even pulled the top off the wet-dry and still nothing.

gone. vanished.

i assume she died last night. feeding time was around 7 pm, and she was there. now, 24 hours later. not a trace!! not even a bone!!

i gotta hand it to the hermits and the green brittle, they dont leave a trace when they devour something...

::::sigh::::: poor angel :(
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sorry to hear it, guy. I know how you feel, my scooter blenny disapeared the same way......
I had a small Naso disappear the same way. Never did find anything. No ammonia or nitrite spike, nothing.
Jay, did I just read that you have a green brittle star :eek:

This creature has been #1 suspect in several fish disappearances - might want to keep an eye on it.

Also, my CB jumped into the pre-filter of my skimmer in my old tank - she was fine but you might want to check behind your tank... :(
yah gotta feed green brittles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bummer Jay. :( We have recently lost a yellow tang and a perfectly healthy powder blue tang to a pair of red brittle stars. My first suspect would be the green brittle. Our situation was the same. They were perfectly happy and healthy one evening and vanished without a trace the next day.

i feed my green brittle DAILY by hand..

the fish are fed blender mush ever three days.

whereas the GBS is fed daily, a dime sized chunk of blender mush.

it's possible he was to blame. but he is fed religiously. i would think that if he ate the beauty, he would have been considerably more puffed up than after normal feedings.

now, if anything else dissapears, then he wont be transfered to the new tank. he'll live out his days in the 20g refugium :)

on the chance that he is too blame. what other stars will be reef safe, large, and outgoing like the brittle? (i feed him by hand, and he's really the "star" attraction of the tank for friends and family :)
Doug he did feed the $30 coral beauty.
I expect you gotta pick fish that don't sleep near the sand or in the rocks. Also, something much larger than the star.

I've seen those dang things in their 'hunting' position (up on all legs) at the lfs... Not a chance those guys are getting in my tank....:eek:
oh yeah, mine does the "crouch" all day and sometimes at night, when he's not on the prowl.

if the brittle is to blame, i would assume that's where my chromis and my coral beauty went. the first chromis went into the overflow. then for the next three fridays a chromis dissapeared. like clockwork !

my cinnamon clown hosts behind my powerhead at the top of the tank, which would kepe him safe from the star. and my damsel has lived inside a clamshell since day one, which would keep him safe as well.

whereas my beauty and chromis' slept in the the rocks..


looks like the brittle will take up residence in the fuge of the new tank :)
As Doug has stated you have to target feed the green brittle star and as they get bigger they demand more food! I think Jay has been doing the proper thing in target feeding the green brittle star and I believe it may have eaten the angel but only after it had died of other causes!
I had a very large green brittle star for a couple of years and it never purposely killed a fish and died because my large yellow tang decided to put a hole in his disc and I had to destroy the star!:(
well dump the star i love angels:D sorry jay:(
casey writes: well dump the star
Hey casey if I still had my green brittle star those would have been fighting words!;)
MontanaRocknReefer said:
Hey casey if I still had my green brittle star those would have been fighting words!;)
Johnny:p :funny:
Methinks the brittle star should be named Colonel Mustard....

Bummer, Jay.

well my brittle did NOT eat the coral beauty...

i jsut pulled the stand. she was behind the stand :( suicide

i knew i was feeding the brittle enough. just in case though it still might go in the fuge.

or will the brittle devour my pods in the fuge?

i'm thinking the tank might be ok, as long as i continue daily feedings of the brittle. or is it not worth the risk? i'm NOT getting rid of it. but if the 20 is too small for the brittle i dont want it to be in cramped quarters. or doesnt tank size matter for stars?
Jay my personal opinion on a large green brittle star in a reef aquarium is not a big risk as long as you target feed it and give them enough food as they grow!

I had one for over two years as you know and did not lose a fish to this star!

So many people give the green brittle star a bad rap and I think it is just because of ignornance and not meeting the needs of this awesome critter!!

I always enjoyed the way it rushed from it's hiding spot with tentacles waving all over and believe me they are fast! It brought me as much enjoyment as anything I had in my reef tank and truely do miss it!:(

The choice is yours but personally I think they belong in a reef aquairum!;)
well that's why i wont get rid of it. it's my favorite thing in the tank. not to mention the biggest shock for visitors when i grab some mush for the tank, and it comes out quick for food. i ofcourse, always let it curl around the food from my hand too :)

i'll jsut put it into the main tank, and continue with regular daily feedings.
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