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3 things in reefing have always gave me the fits.

Substrate-Figured that out thanks to Spanky

Skimmers- NoSchwag gets the thanks on this one.

Lighting- I always ran XM 10k's on mag ballasts, loved the growth hated the look. Switched to reeflux 10k's good growth, worse color. Ran the reeflux on reef fanatic electronic ballasts, no difference. I then went to 12k reeflux, great color no growth. I just upgraded to to 400 radiums on an hqi ballast. Nice white color with a hint of blue, and the corals flourece very nicely. The best part is the growth in 2 days I can see growth on corals that were doing nothing. My CA also dropped from a steady 400 to 370 as of today which tells me something is using it. I am still accliamting the corals to the higher par bulbs, I can't wait to see what happens when I get the reflectors back to there normal height and raise my photo period back up! I feel the same way I did when I dialed in the beckett!
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