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What is wrong with my LED build? I knew nothing and my soldering ability was that of a two-year old. I learned and it was surprisingly easy at the end.

If you want a good system without spending a lot of money, check out the non-dimmable DIY Rapid LED. It is literally cutting wires and soldering them down. If you can wire even the simplest of things (cut and splice) then you should be able to do it in a day.
+1 to Doc. I literally know nothing of wiring, and I followed Doc's build very closely and was able to put my own together without much trouble. Now, i've converted almost everything i own to LED. I built a custom fixture for my 5 gallon freshwater shrimp tank at work, and I'm building another custom fixture (both using the old hood and cover) for my 20 gallon freshwater angelfish tank tomorrow actually.

Once you solder a couple times, its easy. I will advise you have a friend help you, as you realistically need 3 hands to get everything together easily. One person can do it, but its wayyyy easier with two.

Word of advice, be careful with acclimating you corals (LED's are intense!). I probably have a few too many for my little 10G reef, but care should still be taken. My sunset monti and red monti cap along with my zoa's and duncan did great with the change, however I bleached the heck out of my california tort. That was a month or two ago, and its just staring to recover. Now that I've recently acquired a green slimer acro and an oregon tort, they'll be spending quite a while on the bottom of the tank just to be sure they don't bleach also.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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