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I know what I said about it...

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And it didn't happen.

Andy announced that since I got to pick the last pet, it was his turn. So...

We haven't picked her name yet, so suggestions are welcome. So far, so good with the cats, although the German Shepard isn't quite sure yet. (And we had a little barking a minute ago.) She's also smaller than both cats, which probably helps. We're guessing she's some sort of chow/lab/border collie? mix. In any case, she's tired from playing with all the neighborhood kids, and is about to zonk out. The people who found her abandoned in the park with her brother guess she's about 3 months old. Tomorrow: the vet.

What are we getting into? :rolleyes:

Here she is:
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And another pic. She's the roly-polyiest little puppy I've ever seen. :)

I'm sure Andy will log on soon and fill in the rest of the details.
She is the most adorable puppy I have seen in a long time! I am currently on the computer in the garage, and she is passed out on a couple of pillows that I put on the floor for her. I am going to be taking the day off tomorrow since I will probably be up every couple of hours tonight. I also want to spend some time with her so we can bond. I think she will make a great addition to the family. We now have an equal number of males and females in the house! Although only the wife and I will be capable of breeding.;)

WOW you Two! what a cutie!:beer: :dance:
bear in mind,(HEY, name her BEAR! ;) ) you did the right thing, and from a couple of people that have rescued/adopted 6 DOGS! (currently)4 doxies, 2 REAL dogs, German Shepherds,:D looks like you did the right thing,,,,congrats and thanks!we need more people like us that will adopt a dog that needs it,and realize every day living with us, has got to be better than the other option,,,,THANKS again , you two,,:beer:
WAT a cutie! hope to see more pics of her as she grows up,,,
i'm sure she is in a great home that will give her the best,,,
you will see that in her eyes ,,,everyday!;) :D
Dunno, still think the name oughta be BEAR,,,,just looked again at the pics,,,,,(you can thank me later;) )
THANKS AGAIN Andrew and Danielle! ya done right!:beer:
The annoying neighbor's dog is Bear, so probably not.

We're down to Sasha, Sierra, Porsche and Integra for names.
Sasha or Sierra

The car names , :(
I think my personal favorite is Sasha. She has really opened up in the last few minutes. It is like she caught a second wind. She has follwed me around everywhere I go and she has made sure to lick every inch of my face. I think she knows that she has found a home. She will sleep by the bed with me tonight. I will probably be up a few times to let her out, but I don't care. She is my new baby!

asmith said:
The annoying neighbor's dog is Bear, so probably not.
oh well,,Sasha works too,,,dunno what MY annoying neighbors 6 dogs are named ,,,but i call them AND the neighbors, a few names i made up JUST for them:mad: (perfect example of: )
Rule #1 of dog training,,,you gotta be smarter than the dog.
hmm, not sure what happened. i HAD a post al lwritten out. but it vanished :)

anyway great looking dog, purely adorable!!

are the yes really blue, or is it jsut the camera angle?

either way that thing is gonna be cute forever!
Sierra! That was my Irish Setter's name when I was in college. Haven't heard that name in ages, but I hear Sasha quite often.

She's SO Loveable!! So beautiful!

~ Shirley :dance:
We have decided to name her Sasha. Her eyes are blue, but the camera really brought it out in that first picture. She is already becoming my buddy. She follows me around everywhere I go.

Jay, I was wondering the same thing about her eyes. Instead of the traditional "red eyes" from the flash she has blue.

Call her Blue or Cutie (because she is that...) know there are books in the library to help you name your dog... ;)
(if you really wanna get anal)
You sure are quick, Andy!

Sasha's a great name for her.

You certainly did do the right thing to save her. Even if she weren't cute...
Ditto on the cutie!

I agree with all of the above posts! She sure is adorable!

I hope Geoff doesn't see...he's been wanting a new newfie puppy for a while...

Enjoy the new addition!!

"That was my Irish Setter's name when I was in college"

WOW... always nice to see a fellow red devil owner.

I love my Irish Setter :)
Definitely my favorite breed.

Beautiful pup, Andrew :D
Awwww, she is a cutie. I think she picked good owners ;)
Whoa.... cute pooch..... :)

she looks like she's got lot's of lovin to give... :)
We just got home from the vet and she has a clean bill of health. She is younger than we thought (6-8 weeks old). She is on some antibiotics for a skin rash, but everything else is good. We just spent about $70 on her at Petsmart. At her current weight of 7.2 pounds that works out to about $10 per pound! We are relieved to see the clean bill of health! We have had a great time with her today. She is too small to go down steps, so she tends to end up going ***** over end.

wow what a beauty :)
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