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i heard the eca is having a frag event on june 7th. i am wondering if anyone has ever done a swap before? i am new to the reef world and i am wondering if anyone has done a swap before. talking with matt at the eca he said last time over 50 people were there witch is so cool. i hope to pick up quite a few frags there myself but i am not sure how it all works. so let me know how it works

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Philly Area Frag Swap.

I think you are talking about the Renegade Reefers Greater Philly Area Frag Swap on June 7th at East Coast Aquatics in Prospect Park, PA

If so, here is the information I know about it...
Copied from:

How does the Renegade Reefers Philly Frag Swap will Work.

Our 3rd Renegade Reefers & East Coast Aquatics Frag Swap and get together will be held at:

East Coast Aquatics
734 Chester Pike, Prospect Park 19076

June 7th, Rain Date June 14th - This will be an indoor / Ourdoor Event with most of the action taking place out front.

NO ENTRANCE FEE!!! This is Free to Attend!

Event starts at 10AM - Items can be placed into the Frag Swap tank starting at this time. You can check in your unused or unwanted equipment items for the auction starting at this time.

The Equipment Auction starts at noon

Frag Swap drawing of numbers starts at 2pm

Renegade Reefers Raffle Drawing follows the Frag Swap

The overall concept is a social event to get reef keepers from all over the greater Philly area together for an afternoon. Everyone is encouraged to bring some food item, desert or a beverage of their choice (adult or otherwise) to share.

Matt at East Coast Aquatics is working on setting up an auction of used reef equipment. You can bring unused or unwanted equipment for sale in the auction. You will check it in, provide a description, and we will sell it starting at noon in auction style. There is no reserve for the auction.

If you want to participate in the swap activity (totally optional) then bring 1 to 3 items / frags or so of something you want to trade in. Please do not bring Kenya or Xenia, we are not talking high dollar LE frags, but something nice, frag size, Zoa's, Shrooms, Acans, LPS, SPS, Softies, etc.

For each item you bring, you put it in a common tank, and pull a number from a "hat". If you bring 3 items you get 3 numbers, etc. Once everyone has arrived and put their items in the tank, had some time to sample the food, and talk with others, we start calling out numbers starting at #1 and working up. You come up to the tank when your number is called and pick 1 item from what is in the tank. You go home with something different then you came with.

In addition to these activities, there should be a renegade reefers fund raiser at this frag swap which you will be able to buy a cheap raffle ticket and try at a chance to win some very nice donated frags from some of our site sponsors. We will also have some gift certs available in the raffle to many popular online retailers. Keep an eye out for a thread with all the sponsors and items donated to be posted shortly.

In addition to this East Coast Aquatics provides all members who show up a nice discount on items purchased that day, and he may also have some co-sponsors lined up to provide additional give aways with purchase.

Lastly some of our members will bring some of their extra frags to the event and have them available for sale at the swap. Additionally, Keep an eye out for event sales threads in the sales section of this site where members will start offering some of their items for sale and pickup at the swap.

This will be the biggest and best Reefers get together of the year, this is a do not miss event. We are expecting well in excess of 150+ people to attend. This number could get even higher as we get closer. Don't miss out on this one of a kind event.
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