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Here it is. Thanks AHBrit! the 300 gallon. it needs some work including new plumbing etc but i have most of the stuff to start with. here are a few pictures.

#1 is just the tank
#2 is a fat guy in front of the tank
#3 i put a standard box fan in front for size reference (no jokes about cross referencing the size of the fat guy allowed).

now in a few months the games will begin. PS, the pic was taken right after moving the tank on a 105 degree day... so the fat guy is not looking his best.

and finally, some celebrating smileys :banana: :dance: :banana: :dance: :banana: :dance: :banana: :dance: :beer: :beer:

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oooh, a carpet anemone! Right square in the middle!
Seriously, what are your plans to stock, any yet?

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You're going to need scuba gear to do tank maintenance in that Beast, Twitter!!

Great looking tank and stand!


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Far out, Ryan! That is exciting. This could turn out to be a great project for all of us.

Oh, and about that pic in the middle...all that guy needs is a smile, but, hey, after moving that huge tank in 100+ weather, a un-smilie look is justified :agree:
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