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I think everyone agrees we should make some type of donation. The two areas we disagree on are

1) money or other donation
2) membership vote on it or not

Maybe we could use this thread to come up w/ some alternative donation suggestions. My alternative suggest:

How about setting them up w/ a closed loop so they can skip purchaseing the power heads and not have them ugly things in the tank.

The pvc cost almost nothing. Only real expense would be bulkheads, pump, maybe 2 unions and ball valves. We could pass the hat at a meeting and the club could foot whatever wasn't collected. I could drill the tank so that won't cost anything. And a few of us could do the plumbing.

This idea would ensure that our $$$ spent on this project would go the intended use and it would make a very nice donation and give them another type of system they can talk about in class.

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I have some concerns about this. First of all upgrading the tank just to get a bigger tank is a luxury and not a neccessity. I would feel differently if they were struggling to get their first tank up and running but they're not.

I would like to see how the tank has been cared for recently. The pics in the link Bob posted are real nice but as he said they are dated. Are they doing a good job of maintaining the tank on a continual basis? If they are then I think we could proceed with some type of assistance. If not then I would be inclined to pass.

We still have a new Kent skimmer that was donated to the club last year. They may already have a skimmer since they have a tank now but what about other hardware such as RO/DI, pumps, etc?

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Why am I back here hiding?

I initially posted this Newnan School e-mail in the ARC members forum on the 15 May at noon. My intro suggested anyone interested should pursue donating individually. Curtis asked for the club to raise money at a meeting specifically for the school and one member [at least] was willing to contribute. Charles started the same subject that night in the BOD forum, suggesting $100, $200 donation. Bob Lemke checked it out and found it legit. I would accept Bob's opinion. If Rick is cautious-- please check it out yourself.

Two opinions from me:
1] I have mentioned before that I feel discussing these items in the ARC or members only forum is appropriate and the opinion of our members is important.
2] We are a non-profit volunteer group and I object to using the membership dues for charity. Joining Masna would be reasonable as would maintaining a tank where we might meet like Eden Gardens.

As much as Jenn likes to persuade, I would rather hear her side than to hide back here. This area should only be for voting.
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